Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lolapps Launches Champions Online for Facebook

If you're a fan of Inside Social Games, odds are you've heard about our Facebook version of the game, Champions Online, launching Wednesday, the 18th. We're very excited about the launch and the great feedback we've received so far! According to AppData, the game already has over 700,000 users and is ranked ninth on the top rising Facebook app list for today (as high as fifth). We're hoping these numbers are just a prelude of what's to come.

To give you some background, this game is a result of a recent partnership between Lolapps andAtari's Cryptic Studios that was fostered to extend the Champions Online brand to the Facebook platform. We believe this partnership creates a win-win situation for users, Cryptic and Lolapps as it blends our expertise as one of the marquee social gaming companies along with Cryptic Studios and Atari, who have a long history of creating extremely successful gaming titles. Cryptic Studios is behind such acclaimed games as Star Trek Online, City of Heroes and City of Villains, while Lolapps is amongst the top five application companies on Facebook in terms of user reach. Between such excellent intellectual properties and prodigious distribution, Facebook users can look forward a new calibre of social gaming.

If you are curious about what the game is like (and are unfamiliar with the original version of Champions Online) here is a quick look at the game's story line:

"You are a brave superhero, aka a Champion, who helps protect the world from evil wrongdoers. The Sinister Syndicate, a gang of some of the world's most dastardly villains have come together to destroy the world! With the guidance of Socrates, the all-knowing supercomputer, you travel the Champions universe; from futuristic Millenium City, to frigid Canada, to Monster Island, Atlantis, and to many more fantastic locations, in an effort to put an end to the Sinister Syndicate's diabolical plan. Complete heroic tasks, acquire superpowers, and save the world one villain at a time... it's just a day in the life of a Champion!"

Through this game, you can see that we've built an extremely robust platform that allows us to work collaboratively with our partners and introduce both existing and new brands to our users. We are bridging the gap between social networks and traditional game developers to open up the Facebook doors for players like Cryptic.

Looking to expand your current audience and expose your game to millions of new users? Drop us a line at bizdev@lolapps.com!

Check out more about the game on Inside Social Games or become a Champion yourself and start playing!