Monday, July 26, 2010

Choosing a Restaurant 2.0

Everyone who has ever worked at a start-up knows that the most important decisions are always about food. Especially when the choice concerns more than just one person. After all how are going to survive all those all-hands meetings or special events such as python meet-ups without good food? Of course there is always the alternative: a golden nectar, commonly referred to as "Beer". After all, the world's largest software company was built with the fundamental knowledge of the Ballmer Peak. But since we can't rely on beer indefinitely, back to food:

Most companies have one person who is responsible for picking the right stuff to order in and making sure that the majority is satisfied with the food. Most likely, that is the right decision from a management point of view. However, start-ups are here to innovate and that is precisely what we did. Since we are a social media start-up, we needed to make this process more social. However, we're also a tech start-up and nothing works without a proper Product Requirements Document. Enjoy!

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